T&N White Noise Machine

This concept was centered around ‘a blanket of sound to put your whole home to bed’. The video spots were very specifically written to address the core audiences identified by marketing. In ‘Hush for the whole home’ you’ll see the pain points of being a pet parent. In ‘Hush for them. Time for you.’ we address the fact that when baby sleeps, you can take a little time back for yourself. ‘Rest, uninterrupted.’ focuses on the anxiety and stress that awaken when you can’t sleep. ‘Peace and quiet for peace of mind.’ speaks to the value of having a setting in which you can relax and be mindful—regardless of what’s going on around you. All of these lean into the sound blanket concept to demonstrate how the White Noise Machine helps cover you and tune out disturbances to live your life a little easier.

With this overarching concept, I extrapolated the idea to create countless other executions across web and retail, in addition to the app and purchase experiences.

Working cross-functionally with product, partnerships, marketing, design, and more, I played the role of lead copywriter to bring this product to market. A month after launch we saw sales up 20% over projections and the landing page as the most visited page on site.

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