Cavalry HQ

Cavalry HQ was an NFX-funded startup, created with the goal of simplifying and humanizing prospecting. 

The how seemed simple: stop sending impersonal, boring emails. In reality, it was a delicate balancing act of having enough quality writers to create personalized emails at scale, the correct amount of clients to grow at a controlled rate, and the software to provide the tools both writers and clients needed to succeed. 

Through machine learning and data analysis of results we aimed to eventually automate email structure and certain details, having real people QA and fill the gaps.  

The team built two platforms: one for writers and one for clients. Clients would fill out a brief of who they were prospecting, what for, and provide a list of contacts. Writers would log in, write completely personalized emails to each and every contact on the clients behalf using information from LinkedIn, Spokeo, Twitter, and more. Clients would send from their platform, and voila. Time saved. Prospects reached. 

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