Working for Signal.CSK— a branding agency in downtown Denver — I helped to create case studies which allowed the client work to shine.



In this challenging brief for Glen Eyrie, I took insight and deliverables for a project on which I never worked, to create a valuable story of the Signal process.


The following work on rebranding PLNU created revolutionary change for the expansive marketing department. The story created for the case study highlights the important guidance provided to this client.



Lodgic Everyday Community is the latest expansion of Moose International. This case study shows the incredible branding Signal created  — across 3 lines of business — for the first ever Lodgic, which opened its doors in Fall 2018.




The case study for Skyestone presented a challenge — creating an insightful look at a project on which I had never worked. With a great team effort, research and collaboration, I created the copy to do their work justice.




This case study, for Tommy Moose, showcases the amazing work Signal did to revamp the non-profit, and the heart behind a seemingly innocuous character.